RomaEco Composite Roofing Tiles

A modern, ecological composite roofing tile

RomaEco has a specific wavy profile – double Roman, producing a beautiful and stylish roofing area.

Available in three colours: black, red and graphite.

Thanks to it’s simple form, RomaEco may be applied on both old and new buildings. It is the best match for residential buildings and monumental and historic architecture. RomaEco composite roofing tiles are also suitable for utility and industrial structures.

RomaEco Composite Roofing Tiles
Roofing tile weight

Roofing tile weight:

2 kg

Roofing tile dimensions

Roofing tile dimensions:

Thickness: 10 mm Length: 400 mm Width: 310 mm

Ridge tile dimensions

Ridge tile dimensions:

Thickness: 10 mm Length: 315 mm Width: 210 mm Height: 110 mm

Composite rooftile Colours


Anthracite, graphite, red rustic

Roof surface area

Roof surface area:

10 pcs/sqm

Angle of roof inclination

Angle of roof inclination:

min. 17°

Rafter framing load

Rafter framing load:

20 kg/sqm

Number of pieces on pallet

Number of pieces on pallet:


Pallet weight

Pallet weight:

800 hg

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